Egg Tempera Paintings




Egg Tempera on True Gesso board. 2010 NFS

My son was my inspiration of this first portrait and only portrait I have ever accomplished. My family found it interesting that when I completed the painting my son looked older than he was at that time. As he continued to grow he looked more like the image in the painting. Now he has surpassed the little boy stage and is a teen. This painting will always be my personal favorite.  

The Bus



Egg Tempera on True Gesso Board, Framed, 2009 approx 14.5X10 

Available: $500

This is the bus that was featured in the John Krakauer book that Sean Penn produced and directed the film “Into the Wild”. I live on Stampede Road and have visited the bus several times. The men who turned it into a shelter live in my community and were featured in several tv documentaries about Chris McCandless and his adventure to the bus that ended in his demise. I made the gesso board myself. The panel has curved edges to compliment the curves of the old Fairbanks City bus. Please contact me for more details.

Saints Helena and Constantine



Egg Tempera, 24 Karat Gold Leaf on True Gesso Board, 8X10, 2008 


This Icon is a commissioned copy of a Greek Orthodox icon. I made the egg tempera paint and as well as the gesso panel. The figures are representational of the Saints Helena and her son Constantine who both played an important role in the beginning of the Orthodox Church and Christianity.

Holy Trinity



Egg Tempera, 24 Karat Gold Leaf on True Gesso Board, 25x14, 2005


This was the second egg tempera icon I completed. I cut the panels in a representational shape of the Orthodox Church “onion roofs”. The three panels are hinged and stand upright. The back is painted ultramarine blue with a scrolled gold cross painted on the center panel.

Crane Moon



Egg Tempera, Imitation Silver Leaf, Framed, 8X10 


Spring is announced annually by the arrival of cranes back to Alaska. This image is influenced by the gold halos seen on icons. Here, I used imitation silver leaf to enhance the brilliance of the colors in this painting. Please contact me for more details.

Crane and Friend


Egg Tempera, Imitation Gold Leaf, 8x10 Framed, 2016


A sandhill crane is visited by a damselfly landing on his regal halo. Painted on Alaskan marsh grass frames his portrait. Please contact me for details. 




Egg Tempera, Imitation Silver Leaf, 8x10


Egg tempera is known for its brilliance and the ability to paint with such detail. This painting is a perfect example to show how the egg tempera paintings can change with the light in your home or from the sun beaming on it. 

Evening Guard


Egg Tempera, Imitation Silver Leaf, 11X14


This raven painting is a personal favorite. He perches on his evening roost branch guarding all the other ravens while they rest for the night.